Believe In Doom

by Death Stairs

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Matt Gillispie/Drums
Justin Ward/Bass
Paul Minter/Synth and Vocals
Mike Stoner/Vocals


released September 15, 2015

Recorded and mixed by Michael Briggs at Civil Recording. Mastered by Clint Wagoner at Audio Physics.



all rights reserved


Death Stairs Dallas, Texas

Death Stairs is a Dallas, TX based post-punk/no-wave band that formed in October of 2014. With the absence of electric guitar, the band explores with synth and vocals over a solid rhythm section, creating a uniquely dark sound. With Believe in Doom, Death Stairs has created a soundtrack set to the tensions of life and the bleakest possibilities of the after life. ... more

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Track Name: Party Cult
A hex, a curse, an execration. A plot, a plan, a machination.
Devils in the night dig excavation. Old bones won't take to reanimation.
The cult has a code at the coronation. Lift cup drink blood in celebration.
Claim that throne with exclamation, and conjugate these congregations.

The moon has dark affiliations with our ancient recreations.

Demons deem our demonstrations in excess of their expectations.
We fill our guts with the medications. The fire produces a purification.

Party Cult.
Track Name: Believe In Doom
Believe in doom until the day we die.
Don't want to love, don't even want to try.
My god is death, he is the truth and the light.

Dreamy grim reaper, I think you're a keeper. But I won't stand in your line forever.

You're tiring games of love...
Track Name: Ghost Fight
I had a drink. I may have had it all.
And I got in a fight with some old ghost.
Apologized to the patrons, didn't notice me.
But I was here first. I've been here all along.

I may have killed him. I may have paid his tab.
I may have been his friend but I forgot about that.
He's sitting next to me but he's not really here.
He's in some other trench, in some other year.

Spring is here. The dead come out to smell.
The only pleasure they have. A brief pardon from hell.

My mistakes and my suffering came to life in this hopeless thing.
I want to sleep. It wants to sing. I hear it singing come home with me.
My dreams are killing me. Every night they come haunting.
Refuse to let me sleep. Dark figure sits next to me.
Track Name: Faces Fear
He faces his fear. We think he's close to death.
He searches for God. We think he's wasting his breath.
He's falling apart like some monument.
Built to never forget, but they always forget.

Faces fear, and it becomes his loving god.

He's starting fresh but we don't think he's clean.
Watch him after midnight and you'll see what we mean.
He's working on his right arm like it's some sort of machine.
Between the drinks and the jerks he's keeping it lean.

I am what time and circumstance have made me.
But a wisp of fog passing through like wind in the trees.
I'll beckon once, would you like to come and dance with me.
I'll take those by force that ever dare to tempt me.
Track Name: Crime Night
No patience. No hope.
The police have lost control.
Internet overnight.
Open box, apply.

I'm going out tonight. Gonna fight crime.

Got the mask and got the cape.
Got the boots and the cool name (it's Black Beast)
Got fucked up last night.
You should see the other guys.

Black Beast owns the streets tonight.
Track Name: Homecoming Mask
These fools and their friends.
Cheerleaders or lesbians.
Most likely to succeed.
In the end we will see.

Homecoming King, I'll have his spleen.
When I turn thirty years I'll be obscene as I want to be.
Homecoming Queen, was never clean.
When I turn forty years I'll be obscene as I want to be.

Wear that mask long as you can.
Keep it on. Don't be strong.
Hide yourself long as you can.
Keep it up. Don't erupt.
Wear that mask. Where's that mask?

You've got to face it in the morning.